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Katia is a singer, pianist, and guitarist. She performs regularly in Canada and the US. With an extensive repertoire of ballads, romance songs, folk songs, and modern songs spanning ten languages, her performances offer a wide variety of themes.


Born in Germany to Russian parents and raised in Canada, feel free to contact her in English, Russian, German, Spanish, or French!


Her single, "New Eden," is out now!




Katia writes articles about emerging technologies like AI. She is a Content Strategist at Meta’s Reality Labs. Her senior thesis at university was an original science fiction novel. A novel is in the works, join the mailing list to get notified when it’s published.




Born into an artistic family, with a sister who was one of Europe’s youngest artists to exhibit original art, Katia followed in her footsteps. She experimented until she found a style that spoke to her. Some of her works stem from collaborations with an Artificial Intelligence. Contact her to learn more about how this works. 


To inquire about pricing for available works of art, submit the contact form below. Commissions are accepted.

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